Ingram Service Desk is committed to providing world-class support and can be contacted by chat, email and telephone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

This document summarizes your interaction expectations with Support Desk.

This is a quick support reference guide with helpful tips and links.


I am unable to identify a solution to my problem, is there a support document which will help me?

  • You can follow below self – service options.

Self-Service Options

 1. Knowledge Base Articles – https://ingrammicro-assist.freshdesk.com/en/support/home

Ingram Micro knowledge base is a repository of thousands of articles about existing issues, frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions on how to use our products. You can search by product, keywords or choose articles by category.

 2. Starter Guides – All products have respective Starter Guides which will give exhaustive information about the product.


If I can't find a solution to my problem, how can I submit a request for support?


Before contacting support

Ingram Micro provides a vast range of support documents on your Knowledge base, however is you don’t find a resolution and have the need to contact support please have the below information ready to obtain a quick resolution:

  1. Define the issue
    • Gather all relevant background information
    • Has this happened before? Is it reproducible?
    • What, if anything, recently changed in the environment?
    • Affected domain /username:
  2. Determine the business impact
    • How does this affect your system and your ability to meet your business needs?
  3. Additional Information
    • Name of the support contact
    • Name of Alternate Contact
    • Email address
    • Cell Phone
    • Best time to contact (include time zone)
    • Availability (2 hours window)


What happens to my Service Request, if I don’t get a solution?

Your case will be analyzed by our support desk experts, if they are able to resolve it, you will be informed accordingly and you will be able to use your services without any interruption.

If the support desk is unable to provide a solution, the case is escalated to our Subject matter Experts (Technical team, Billing team, Product Vendor, etc.)


When will I hear from IM Support about the status of my Service Request? 

You should receive updates about your service request within every 24 hours, till the case is resolved. We at Ingram Micro are committed to providing a quick resolution.


How do I monitor the progress of my issue? 

Engage in regular communication with the IM Support. Also, you can respond to follow – up email received after raising the service request as soon as possible.


What happens to my Service Request, once escalated to the Product Vendor?

Ingram Micro Service Desk agent will email the details, once your case is escalated to a respective product vendor. You need to provide below details for quick resolution of service request.

  • Name of the support contact
  • Name of Alternate Contact
  • Email address
  • Cell Phone
  • Best time to contact (include time zone)
  • Availability (2 hours window) – for a 3-way conference call if required