When you take advantage of the Cloud Referral program you will be issued a series of standard web banners coded with a unique identifier URL that can be featured prominently on your website or shared via social media. When your end client clicks on a banner they will be diverted to a site that provides additional information and a shopping cart to make purchases.

Fig. 1

If you prefer, you can also place cloud solution orders on behalf of your clients, by typing your unique partner URL into a standard Web browser and placing an order using the client’s credentials and credit card information.

Fig. 2

Whether using the coded banner or the unique partner URL, all referrals are properly tracked, using Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) software to capture Cloud Referral sales and commissions. PAP tracks cookies that are placed in the browser of the client, and track the IP address where the user originated. Potential issues could occur if users clear their cookies or they use an older browser that does not store cookies as well as new browsers.

For a step-by-step guide on signing up for the Cloud Referral program, refer to ‘How to: Sign-up for the Cloud Referral Program’.

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