Once you have successfully signed up for the Cloud Referral Program, you can view all banners on the Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) website. Ingram Micro adds new banners whenever possible. If you have the resources and prefer to create your own banners, please let us know and we can show you how to incorporate them with your unique identifier URL so commissions can be tracked appropriately.

Contact details:

Email: Microsoft-cloud@ingrammicro.com

Ph. No: 800-705-7057


If you want to add a banner to your website refer to the ‘How to: Add a Banner Ad to My Website’.

How to: Add a Banner Ad to Social Media

1) Log in to your Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) account using your username and password


Fig. 1

2) From the left-side menu select Promotions > Banners & Links

Fig. 2

3) On the ‘Banner & Links’ page, scroll down until you locate the banner you want to use

Fig. 3

4) If you want to post the Banner Ad to Twitter click on the () button; if you want to post the banner add on your linkedIn account click the () button

Fig. 4


5) Sign-in to your selected social media

Fig. 5

6) Select the applicable options to determine who can view your displayed banner ad: whether a group or individuals, etc. and then click the Share button

Fig. 6

7) You will receive a confirmation message that the banner has been successfully shared.

Fig. 7


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