1) Log in to your Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) account using your username and password


Fig. 1

2) From the left-side menu select Reports

Fig. 2

Following is a brief description of some of the available reports.

                                                                                                                                             ‘Description of Reports’ Table: Feature key - * (search feature); $ (filter feature); # (‘Export as CSV’ feature).

Report Name


Feature(s) Key

Quick Stats:

Provides a quick overview of your account, including impressions, clicks, sales and commissions. You have the option to choose a time period for more accurate statistical information.


Trends Report:

Displays information about your transactions as charts or within data fields depending on your preference providing a clear picture of your Cloud Referral Program.



Provides a database of all transactions and commissions including all approved pending and decline commissions.

* #

Raw Clicks:

Lists every click that was referred by you, through your unique identifier URL.

* #

Payouts to Me:

Allows you to view the status of all orders and payout information including, approved paid, approved unpaid and waiting for approval commissions.


Channel Stats Report:

Defines any specific channels specified in your banners.


Sub-affiliate Sale Stats:

Sales statistics of your sub-affiliates which generated a commission for you.


Tree of Sub-affiliates:

View sub-affiliates in a tree format toggling between classic and tree views.


Top referrer URL:

Top referring URLs in your affiliate program. URLs are based on First or Last click referers from tracked Sales and Actions.



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