While going through a Program you will encounter various tasks that need to be marked as completed. This article covers the steps to follow for how to complete a task.

  1. Launch the Partner Portal
  2. Click ‘Get Started’ in the top left


  1. Next, you will press the “Launch” button located underneath the Onboarding section.


  1. Here you will be able to view the programs that are available to you for training.


  1. Click one of the programs to view the sections within

 Beneath each section found within the program, you will encounter tasks that will cover information/training steps that you need to mark as completed to finish the Program. Click into one of the sections to view the tasks within


  1. The tasks located within are relevant to the section you clicked on. Once you have completed all the tasks you will have a better understanding of that particular function of the Marketplace.


  1. To complete one of the above tasks, click the task name
  2. After reviewing the task, press ‘Complete’ in the top left


  1. Press OK in the pop-up window located in the top middle of the page