Staying on top of cloud products can take a lot of time. Building digital marketing campaigns can also take a lot of time and money. But doing these things well can set successful Resellers apart from the rest.

Ingram Micro is always working to help resellers with these challenges, and we’re excited to announce the launch of the Go-to-Market Hub within the Cloud Marketplace to do just that. It’s a single destination packed with product information, sales tools, and resources to help you grow your business and cloud expertise.

The Go-to-Market Hub Resellers Guide was created to help Resellers leverage and take advantage of the valuable content and tools of the Go-to-Market Hub.

We recommend that you read through the entire document and follow the instructions to access the Go-to-Market Hub and continue to use this document as a reference.

Logging in to Your Account

The Go-to-Market Hub does not have separate login. To access it, log in to your Cloud Marketplace account. From the Control Panel, you will be able to access the Go-to-Market Hub.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click “Login” in the top right corner of the Cloud Marketplace. (Click on LOG IN WITH IMONLINE if you have become a reseller before March 2020, else click on LOG IN WITH CMP ACCOUNT)


  1. Enter your Credentials and hit the Log in button.




  1. Select the CONTROL PANEL tab from the Navigation menu.


  1. Click on the Go-to-MarketHub from the left side menu.


  1. Click “Launch” on the Go-to-Market Hub tile.