You can customize sales sheets with your title, product description, brand logo, and contact information. Watch this video to learn how.

Alternatively, follow these steps to access the sales sheets:

  1. From the homepage, hover over the navigation menu item “Sales Playbooks.”


  1. Click on “Product Playbooks” or “Sales Playbooks” from the drop-down menu.


  1. For product playbooks, find the product you want to learn more about and click on the product’s tile.


  1. For solution playbooks, under the business size or industry, select the tile relevant to your search.


  1. You will find a list of assets that you can take actions on. Click on the customize and download action icon on the sales sheet.


  1. From the preview window, click on “Customize & download.”


  1. Edit the header and the product description by clicking on “Edit.”

Tip: Include your company name to further promote yourself.


  1. Whenever you finish an edit, make sure to click “Save.”


  1. To update the preview with your edits, click “Save & Refresh Preview.”


  1. If you wish to update your company logo and contact information for this sales sheet, you can do so under “Assets.”


  1. To download the customized sales sheet, click on “Download.”