You can add preconfigured email campaign templates and deploy them through the Go-to-Market Hub. To set up and deploy a marketing email, you need to first select a campaign. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Go-to-Market Hub dashboard, hover over “Marketing Campaigns.”


  1. Click on “Campaigns” from the drop-down menu.


  1. Click on a starter campaign tile.


  1. After selecting one of the starter campaigns, click on the asset under “Email.”


  1. Click on “Customize & Send.”


  1. Edit the content of the email either in-line or in table view.

Tip: Include your company name to further promote yourself.


  1. Import your mailing list or select a previously created contact group for this marketing campaign email.


  1. Edit the marketing assets (company name, address, etc.) if it needs to be different from your default settings.


  1. View what landing page is being used to confirm it is correct

Tip: Submit a test lead on your landing page to ensure it’s being captured correctly within your lead management section.


  1. Add tasks and alerts, such as what type of feedback you want to receive or who should receive the information. You can also edit the information this person will receive.


  1. Send a test message to confirm what the mailing list recipients will see on their end.

Tip: Include your email address in your marketing lists list to confirm the final email was sent.


  1. Under “Schedule & Send,” you can select the date and time the campaign will launch and whether all emails will be sent at once or if you want to initiate the campaign with a daily limit.

Note: Before deploying, it is recommended that you review the campaign overview that is also found at the bottom of the page.


  1. To finish scheduling, click on “Schedule”.