To manage leads, you need to select “Lead Management.” Follow these steps:

  1. From the Go-to-Market Hub homepage, click on the drop-down menu item in the right-hand corner of the homepage titled “Marketing Center.”


  1. Click on “Lead Management.”


  1. From the new menu, click on “Leads.”


Leads are broken down by several columns that can be sorted by selecting the column name. The following are the column names defined:

  • Subject:This is the subject line of the lead. This displays the name of the campaign and if it was an inbound call or form submission
  • Contact:Displays the lead's contact information
  • Follow Up:Provides you with an estimated follow-up date
  • Stage:Displays the stage the lead is in
  • Assigned:Displays the user the lead is assigned to
  • Created:Displays the date the lead was originally created
  • Source:Displays the source of the lead (form, inbound call)

Click the arrow next to the Lead Subject to view more options for managing the lead. The following are the available managing options:

  • Edit this contact
  • Enter a note
  • Send an email
  • New calendar entry
  • View activity

To view the lead details, click on “Lead Subject. To view or modify the contact information, click on the name of the contact.