This document will provide you with information about how to Enable Automatic Payment. Only applicable for users who use online payment methods (Credit card globally or Direct debit in the eurozone).

Note: To enable ACH auto payments in the United States, please contact support. 


  • Log in to the Cloud Marketplace Control Panel.
  • In the Navigation menu, click on Account.


  • There are 2 ways to enable it.
  • First option: 
    1. On the Account section, the right side of the page, under Automatic Payment
    2. Click SET UP
    3. Tick the box to Enable Automatic Payment
    4. You may choose to use the default payment method or use a specific payment method 
    5. Click Save
  • Second option:
    1. Under the Account section, click on Payment Methods
    2. Click the dropdown menu on Actions and choose Use for Automatic Payments. 
    3. Automatic Payment is enabled for your future orders and invoices.