You can create the staff users from the Unified Control Panel and can set the security question and answer for the user from the Classic Reseller Control Panel. Let’s take look at the steps to add the security question and answer for the staff user(s).


  1. Login to https://xx.cloud.im (please replace the xx with the two letter country code for the respective marketplace URL). Click on LOG IN WITH CMP ACCOUNT if you have become a reseller after March' 2020, click on LOG IN WITH IMONLINE if you have become a reseller before March' 2020. 


  1. After logging into cloud marketplace, you will see the option CONTROL PANEL. Please click on it to login to Unified Control Panel.


  1. If you wish to create a new user, so follow the article: How to Add a New User. Else click on the link Classic Panel at the top right corner.


  1. You will be redirected to the Classic Reseller Control Panel. Click on the Billing button at the top right corner to switch to the Billing Mode.


  1. In the left side menu, scroll down and click on the Users.


  1. You will get the list of the available staff users for your account.


  1. Click on the User ID or the Login Name of the user you want to edit or set the security question and answer.


  1. You will see the user information. Click on the Additional Information.


  1. You will see the security question and answer, if set already. Else, click on the Edit button to update the attributes.


  1. Set your own security question and answer, and click on the Save.


  1. User’s information will be updated and whenever the user will contact the support, can verify itself by answering the security answer.