The White-Label Marketplace provides you the ability to sell more efficiently to your customers. To foster brand recognition and trust, you can now brand your customer-facing marketplace. With the White-Label Marketplace, you can build out your portfolio of products based on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace catalog as well as configure marketing tools like a shopping cart, product search, banners, promotions and cross-sell features to help win new business. Your customers will see your company’s recognizable branding as they make purchases and self-service transactions.

Step 1: Login to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and go to the Control Panel

Based on your credential setup with Ingram Micro, please log in to your Cloud Marketplace account either with your “Cloud Marketplace (CMP) Account” or IMONLINE ACCOUNT”



Step 2: Access the Sales Channel menu item to enable the White-Label Marketplace

From the Control Panel, click on the Sales Channel menu item in the navigation menu.


Next, on the End-customer Marketplace screen, click the toggle switch to turn “On” and the feature. This will activate your White-Label Marketplace with default settings.


Step 3: Configuring your Marketplace Home Page

The home page will provide banners and a list of your services that your customers will see and potentially buy from you in your marketplace. Click on the Home page option in the navigation menu.


Configuring Your Banners

Next, click on the plus “+” button to add and configure your banners to promote specific products and bundles to your customers.


Adding/Modifying the Top-Sell Services 

Now, click on “Edit” button within the Top Selling Services section of the screen to add the services that you want to promote to your customers.


You can also update the title of the “Top Selling” section—click on the “Edit” button.


Next click on “Add More Services” to add a service you want to promote.


Next, find and select the services you want to add.


On the next screen, customize and configure the service details for the products you selected: service title, description and add a promo price.


You will also be able to change the appearance of the tile and configure a promotion period.


Step 4: Manage the Appearance of Your Product Catalog

Service Plan Configuration 

Click on “Service plans” in the navigation menu to view the list of service plans available.


If you do not want to show a plan in your catalog, click the “Hide” button next to the plan.


Product Pages Configuration 

Select the “Pages” menu item to view the list of product pages that will be listed in your catalog.


To hide a page, click the “Hide” button next to the listed page.


Product Categories Configuration 

Select the “Categories” menu item to configure the product categories.


To hide a category, click the “Hide” button next to the category.


 To view the above steps in a live demo, watch the video: How to Configure Your White-Label Marketplace.

Once you are satisfied with your White-Label Marketplace configurations, you may now allow your customers to make their purchases from your marketplace.