This article will provide you with the necessary information about logging into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. This article assumes that you have activated your reseller account.


  1. Go to the URL https://xx.cloud.im (Where xx = Two letter country code, i.e. US, UK, CA, IN, MX, etc.)


  1. Click on the LOG IN button at the top right corner of the page.
    • For resellers after March 2020, welcome to the Ingram Micro family. Please click on LOG IN CMP ACCOUNT to login to your Reseller Control Panel.
    • For resellers before March 2020, we value your business. Please click on LOG IN WITH IMONLINE to login to IMONLINE SINGLE SIGN ON.


  1. You will be redirected to the credentials page, provide your credentials and click on Log in.


  1. If you don’t know the password, click on Forgot Password? Provide your username and email address, and click on Generate Password.


You will receive an email with the password reset link.

  1. Now you are logged into your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.


  1. If you have the required privileges, so you can purchase the subscriptions for your customers.