The shopping cart experience for the IM Cloud Marketplace provides Ingram Micro Cloud Resellers the ability to save a shopping cart as one of the following:

  • A temporary cart that can be reloaded when it’s time to place an order.  This type of saved cart would only be available until the reseller uses it to place an order. Once the order is placed the saved cart is removed. A scenario where this would be useful is if the Reseller was working on an order for an end customer and provided them a quote. They could save the cart and then load it later on once the approval for purchase was made.


  • A template cart that can be loaded every time it’s needed. This type of saved cart is always available unless the Reseller deletes it. If a Reseller commonly sells the same group of products to all of their end customers then having a template available helps to speed up the ordering process. They simply load a saved cart and select an end customer to place the order for. No need to go through each Cloud Solution separately to add them to the cart.


Following articles will show you how to save and manage temporary and template carts.