Can I change an existing Credit Card payment terms over to “Net 30 Terms”?

Yes, please send a request to the Service Desk support of your country (please refer to Modern Support - Contact Directory) or get in touch with your Ingram Micro sales representative.

How long does the transfer take from Credit Card to Net Terms?

Your request may take up to 2 business days. The request will be subject for review and once finalized, you will be notified.  

When I move from Credit Card to Net Terms. What happens to the existing Subscriptions?

  • All invoices due from the current billing period must be charged from the credit card. There should be no due balance left on the account before the switch.
  • All future orders/purchases will be taken against the Net Terms Credit.

What is the difference between “Net terms” and “Prepaid terms” under Billing Terms? 

  • Net 30 offers greater flexibility by allowing a 30-day period for payment. For more information, please refer to the KB article What is “Net Terms” and how do I sign up? 
  • Prepaid terms mean that the funds will be deducted from the saved payment method on the account on point of sale and have a daily invoicing feature. All orders completed the same day will be invoiced the following day.