This article will provide you with necessary information about “How To Setup Direct Debit As Payment Method.”

Note: Please check this article What currencies will Direct Debit be available in? to verify which country/currency direct debit is available/applicable to.


  1. Login to your Unified Reseller Control Panel. Switch to Classic Panel.


  1. Click on Billing at the top right corner to switch to Billing Mode.


  1. Navigate to System > My Reseller Status. Click on Payment Method
  • Provide your IBAN number
  • BIC Number, and
  • Click on Save.


  1. Once you have input the data and finished the setup, an email with an e-mandate will be sent. Resellers must present the signed document to their bank either in an electronic way or as a physical document, depending on the bank requirements.
  2. Resellers must receive a confirmation from the bank that the mandate is validated before starting a payment transaction in their control panel.