1. An invoice can now be paid by Credit Balance which includes Credit Memos attached to an account earlier.
  2. In Unified Reseller Control Panel (former CCPv2) we disabled ability to link/unlink AR documents, for example applying credit memos to invoices, unlinking payments from invoices, due to financial compliance reasons.
  3. Reseller has documents to pay – invoices and debit memos. They are highlighted on Home page and in a separate list called “Unpaid documents”.
  4. Reseller has overall “credit balance” - that includes any unapplied payments and credit memos.
  5. This amount is highlighted on Home page and visible / available for use when a user selects to pay some unpaid documents.
  6. When Reseller decides to use it, system applies it on its own discretion.
  7. Manual link/unlink of AR documents is available in Classic Panel of a provider. So, if a reseller doesn’t like how system applied his payments/credit memos to open invoices, he can call Support to revert the changes.
  • Outstanding invoice


  • Way to pay for it


  • and decide if Credit limit (Credit memo) should be used.