Ingram Micro is also changing the look and feel of the invoices you will receive moving forward.  The changes to the invoices are to support Consolidated Invoicing as well as improve the overall look and content of the invoices.

Visual and formatting changes including more readable font, alignment changes, and improved information

  • Addition of end-customer field
  • Addition of Tax Total field (where applicable)
  • Revised service descriptions
  • Inclusion of duration field
  • Updated invoice numbers

What do some of these fields mean?







End Customer


Displays end customer name that has purchased the services as well as the end customer ID as created by the   IM Cloud Marketplace - unique ID for each end customer.


Order Number


Unique ID created by IM Cloud Marketplace when a purchase is made


Service Description


Subscription ID.

Full description of the service purchased.


Subscription Period (date ranges).




Quantity of seats/units per subscription.


Unit Price


The price the reseller pays Ingram Micro Cloud per seat/unit.




Any discounts/promotions offered by Ingram Micro Cloud to the reseller will be shown.




A unit of measure relative to the subscription (yearly, or monthly).


Services (for Example Office 365 Business Premium) that allow co-terming the purchase of additional licenses with the original subscription, will have their prices pro-rated and will display here as a fraction of 1 unit (month/year) Example: licenses purchased for an existing   monthly (30 days) subscription is prorated for 15 days, the duration will show "0.50"


Net Price


Final price (before tax) to the reseller, calculated as a measure of quantity, unit price, duration, and applicable discounts/promos.