Ingram Micro Cloud announces an upgrade to the Cloud Marketplace core system to version 8.3. This upgrade will feature a host of new and updated features to give you the most efficient experience available to date.

New feature details and improvements

New feature: Make partial payments using credit memos (Available worldwide. Not available in the US)

Partners can now make partial payments for documents (Invoices, Orders, Debit Memos) using available credit balance or credit memos.


New feature:  Marketing User role

A new Marketing User role and privilege has been added in order to limit Cloud Marketplace access to specific functionality to select users.

Partners can now assign the Marketing User role to existing and new members of their staff and they will be able to:

  1. Access the Go-Market-Hub
  2. Browse the Marketplace catalog
  3. Add products to shopping carts
  4. Create, view and save shopping carts

Note: Marketing users will not be able to submit orders.


Improved feature: MPN, Vendor ID and Subscription ID columns are added to Rated Data Export (RDE)

The rated data export (RDE) or provisioned orders report now has a set of columns (MPN, Vendor ID and Subscription ID) that help simplify the reconciliation with service vendors, specifically Microsoft.



Improved feature: Order confirmation screen

An order confirmation screen is now displayed for changed orders with a zero total. Customers will now be able to confirm changed orders that result in a zero amount refund.