1. Ingram Micro Cloud has performed an upgrade of its core platform system, which powers the Cloud Marketplace globally, from version 8.0 to version 8.2.
  2. With this upgrade, Ingram Micro Cloud has added new functionality, as well as addressed several issues and system limitations identified since the last upgrade.
  3. In this document, we provide information about improvements that impact you in a DIRECT or INDIRECT way:
    • DIRECT changes are those that affect your operations directly; it may be a change in how you perform an action in the Cloud Marketplace, a change in policy, etc.
    • INDIRECT changes are those that you may benefit from simply because the improvement makes the system work more efficiently.

Customer Subscription Management in the New Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

New features have been added to customer subscription management in the new Control Panel so that you can manage customer subscriptions more efficiently.

  • New intuitive tabs have been added to Customers > Subscriptionsthat summarize and list:
    • o Active subscriptions
    • o Subscriptions expiring within the next 30, 60 or 90 days
    • o Subscriptions to be renewed within 30, 60 or 90 days
    • o Trial subscriptions
    • o All subscriptions


Note: Your own subscriptions are not displayed in this list. They can be found in the Account > Subscriptions menu.

  • A search bar with filters allow you to easily find customers and subscriptions (for example, enter the name of a customer or a subscription).


  • Selecting a subscription will display subscription details where you can:
    • o View subscription information such as customer sales price, your subscription cost, profit margin, service plan details and upgrade options.
    • o Manage the subscription with the following options:
      • Upsize or downsize the subscription
      • Renew the subscription
      • Disable or enable auto-renewal
      • Put the subscription on hold
      • Cancel the subscription

Customer Order Management in the New Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

View and manage customer orders more conveniently using the order management features (in the CustomersOrders menu) within the new Control Panel.

  • A search bar with filters allow you to:
    • o Search orders by customer name, order ID or order number.
    • o Filter orders by customer type, order type or order status.


  • View order details such as the order sales price paid by the customer, your order cost and your profit margin.
  • Cancel and approve the order

Assign Access Roles in the New Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

Use the new Control Panel to define access rights for employees with different functions and areas of responsibility.

  • Create new users with a particular role.
  • Change the roles of users created through the Ingram Micro Portal.

Manage Your Own Subscriptions in the New Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

Upsize and downsize your own subscriptions using the AccountSubscriptions menu within the new Control Panel.

Note: This functionality affects subscriptions that you subscribe to for your own use. Services can be managed on the vendor side.

Improved Invoice View on the US Marketplace

Impact: DIRECT

Note: This change affects only the US Marketplace.

The invoice view on the US Marketplace has been improved.

  • Invoice lines in the Control Panels and PDF files are enumerated and sorted in the same way.
  • A discount applied to an invoice line is displayed in a separate column.