Table of Content

Core System Upgrade to 8.0

  1. Ingram Micro Cloud is performing an upgrade of its core platform system, which powers the Cloud Marketplace globally, from version 7.4 to version 8.0.
  2. With this upgrade, Ingram Micro Cloud is adding new functionalities, as well as addressing a number of issues and system limitations identified since the last upgrade.
  3. This is in preparation for future development and the introduction of numerous system improvements that will greatly improve platform performance.
  4. In this document, we provide information about improvements that impact you in a DIRECT or INDIRECT
  • DIRECT impact changes are those that affect your operations directly; it may be a change in how you perform an action in the Cloud Marketplace, a change in policy, etc.
  • INDIRECT impact changes are those that you may benefit from simply because the improvement makes the system work more efficiently.

New Billing Data Export


  1. You can now generate and export detailed reports about rated transactions via the new Billing Data Export which is available directly in the new Control Panel (Account > Rated Data Export). The report include:
  • All types of charges within a specified period
  • Costs for both reseller and end-customer of the transaction
  • And much more
  1. These include: all types of charges within a specified period, costs for both participants (reseller and end-customer) of the transaction and much more.
  2. These reports can be imported to your external system for analysis or processing.
  3. The report can be exported and imported to your external system for analysis or processing in following formats: CSV, XML, JSON, and XLSX.
  4. In addition, you can automatically receive the reports with every invoice.
  5. The latest update now also allows you to automatically receive such reports with every invoice.
  6. The old reporting function is different and will continue to exist in parallel (Classic Panel > Billing > Billing Data Export) for a few months.
  7. If you use the old function currently, please start adopting the new export functionality.
  8. We will send a Separate Notification about the end-of-life of the old reporting functionality.



View and Manage your own Subscriptions in the new Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

You can now view and manage subscriptions assigned directly to your account* in the new Control Panel, with the ability to:

  • Renew a subscription
  • Enable/Disable an automatic renewal of a subscription
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Upgrade from a trial version to a paid subscription


  • You will not be able to manage services in the panel with this update.
  • They must be managed on the service vendor's side.
  • Also, you cannot perform a plan upsize/downsize or its switch for these subscriptions; you will continue contacting Ingram Micro support to perform these changes.

* End-customer subscriptions can be managed via Classic Panel > Billing > Subscriptions (or by impersonating a specific end-customer account). In the second half of 2019 management of end-customer subscriptions will be available to you directly in the new Control Panel.


Impersonation Message

Impact: DIRECT

  1. Now, which account you are operating under will be clearer.
  2. When impersonating (Log in as) your customer accounts from the Classic Panel, an impersonation message (an orange bar on the top of the screen) will be displayed stating that you are operating under a child account.
  3. Previously this was only shown when doing the impersonation from the new Control Panel.



End-Customer Account Status in the new Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

The new Control Panel now shows the same status as in the Classic Panel: Active, Credit Hold, or Cancelled.