New discovery experience

The latest update of the new Marketplace received incremental user experience updates and now also can host more content that helps you discover offers and decide about purchases. Products available are the same as before. Over the next 1-2 months, rich content inside the new Marketplace will fill up gradually.


Save a cart

You can now prepare and save pre-configured offers in the new Marketplace for your customers to save time purchasing those in future.




Sorting by Essential Seats

  • Now all seats you select in a service plan are shown at the top of the list. 



Quick link to sign in to the Cloud Marketplace and new Control Panel

The new landing page provides easier access to the new Marketplace and Control Panel. You can still continue to purchase via the old Marketplace if you chose so after login. A separate notification will be sent out when the old Marketplace will be fully disabled.

  • If needed, the ability to use the old Cloud Marketplace website.
  • With this change we start phasing out our old experience, we hope you enjoy the new one.


A new look to the Marketplace within the unified Control Panel.