Ingram Micro Cloud is performing an upgrade to its core platform system which powers the Cloud Marketplace globally, from version 7.3 to version 7.4.

With this upgrade, Ingram Micro Cloud is addressing a number of issues and system limitations identified since the last upgrade in addition to new functionalities in preparation for future development and the introduction of a number of system improvements that greatly improve platform performance.

Through this document, we provide information about improvements that impact you DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY.

  • DIRECT impact is something that may be a change in how you perform some actions in the Cloud Marketplace, a change in policy, etc.
  • INDIRECT impact is something that you may benefit from simply because the improvement makes the system work better.



Updated Look & Feel of End-Customer Control Panel

Impact: DIRECT

The default look & feel of the end-customer control panel has been refreshed to be much brighter with more spacing.

Additionally, the account ID is displayed on all screens at the top menu bar to quickly identify the account that is being worked on. And finally, all primary buttons in wizards (e.g. “Continue” or “Place Order”) can now be found on the left side.

Note: If you have customized the look & feel of your end-customer control panel via branding, your look & feel will not be changed. For instructions how to customize your end-customer control panel see the Knowledge Base article: How to: Customer Brand NextCP (CCP).


Improved Translation of Product User Interface Texts

Impact: DIRECT

Cloud Marketplace is available in multiple languages. In this release, the user interface translation is improved and has been refreshed in the Control Panels of the following languages:

  • German (DE)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • French (FR)
  • Italian (IT)



Adjusted Billing of Azure Pay-As-You-Go During Cancellation

Impact: DIRECT

As you may know, cloud services may provide resource usage data with some delay. For cancelled Azure Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions, we will now bill with a 7-day delay. This delay allows for the collection of resource usage data from Microsoft. At the end of the 7-day delay, you will receive a cancellation order that contains all usage until the service was suspended.




New Reseller Experience – Coming Soon

With the 7.4 upgrade, we prepared our Marketplace to launch a completely new reseller experience. The new experience will merge our store front and the management control panels and provide a simple and fresh user experience.


The new reseller experience will be launched to an early adopters group after the upgrade and made available to all reseller partners soon after that.