In this installment, Ingram Micro Cloud is performing a systems upgrade to version 7.2 of its Odin Automation platform which globally powers the Cloud Marketplace.  With this upgrade, Ingram Micro Cloud provides a number of enhancements including improved platform performance.

Through this document, you will see improvements that DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY impact you. 

  • A DIRECT impact is something that may be a change in how you perform some actions in the Cloud Marketplace, including a change in policy, etc.
  • An INDIRECT impact is something where you may benefit from simply because the improvement makes the system work better.


1. Performance and Scalability Improvements


1.1 Faster Provisioning Operations


End customer accounts with 10,000 or more users and/or staff members, will experience a substantially improved performance in the provisioning of subscriptions.  In tests measured of accounts with 2500 users, subscription provisioning speed increased up to 25 times.

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT

1.2 Improved Performance in Displaying Subscription Details


Data is returned much faster when accesses subscription details, such as resource list and current usage. Increased performance is most noticeable for subscriptions that include a large number of resources, commonly on the NextCP Home Screen  as well as several application screens like Microsoft 365.

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT

1.3 Preserving Display Setting of Sales Category on Reseller Synchronization

During a reseller synchronization event, the parameter "Display Category" in the Customer Control Panel (CCP) of a Sales Category that is specified or configured by a reseller will now be preserved.  The parameter will not be overwritten when synchronization occurs and the settings specified by the reseller will be preserved even if the Cloud Marketplace publication setting is different.

In the past, when a reseller defined a Sales Category, the customized configuration would reset upon synchronization during an update. This resulted in poor customer experience, impacting resellers with customized CCP settings, as well as resellers with deployed Cloud Stores, and those in the Ingram Micro Referral program.

This improvement enables scenarios such as the following:

  • A reseller does not want some service plans visible to their end-customers (disable the option Display Category in CCP).
  • A reseller customizes the list of categories and descriptions for publishing in Cloud Store or NextCP

Reseller Impact: DIRECT

1.4 Translation of 'Subscription' in German Locale


In the German locale, the default translation of the word ‘subscription’ has been changed from ‘Vertrag’ to ‘Abonnement’. The word 'Vertrag' is now used only in the 'Contract' meaning.

Reseller Impact: DIRECT

2. Billing


2.1 Billing Performance Improvements


Overall billing performance has been increased. 

In particular:

  • Daily billing is 2 - 4 times faster
  • The "All Orders" tab in the Provider’s Control Panel (PCP) has been optimized to be 5 times faster. This is especially important when a dramatic increase in a number of orders is released in one day.
  • Reseller initialization procedures have been optimized for the templates with a large number of plans.
  • Improved provisioning time of services with long-running synchronization (like MS Exchange) has been decreased. This has been observed when performing mass-provisioning scenarios such as migrations.
  • Configuring priorities for specific billing tasks and event handlers.

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT

2.2 Temporarily Release Account from Credit Hold

Ingram Micro can now perform a temporary release (unlock) of a reseller account that is on credit hold.  This grants a fixed number of days for an account holder to pay their debt.

This enhancement will be useful in cases where:

  • An account has an overdue invoice; the account is on credit hold and there is a payment on the way. It is reasonable to release the account from credit hold until the payment is received.
  • This is a VIP account, and it is reasonable to keep the account active.

Reseller Impact: DIRECT

3. NextCP

In this section, we will highlight some of the improvements for NextCP.  NextCP, also referred to as CCPv2, is the Customer Control Panel end customers can use to self-manage and/or for a reseller partner to log in on behalf of the end customer and manage that account.

3.1 Improvements in NextCP Performance


The performance and responsiveness in NextCP have improved by ~20% for small accounts, and up to 90% for large accounts with multiple subscriptions and service users.

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT

3.2 Confirmation Pop-up for Zero Amount Orders


In the last step after placing an order or changing a plan/period order, a confirmation pop-up displays when a customer makes a zero amount order in NextCP (excludes trials). 






Reseller Impact: DIRECT

3.3 Login Format


Starting with version 7.2, users and administrators logging into NextCP can now preserve their login names. In addition, users will no longer be required to change to an email login.  This change requires no actions to be taken before or after the upgrade to 7.2, and it will not affect existing users.  

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT (Impacts End Customers)

3.4 Support of Composite Resources for Upsell in NextCP


When a customer increases an application resource, all composite and non-composite resources that are part of that requested resource are identified and allows the customer to select and adjust the resources.  

For example,

When adding new users to an account, 2 are presented, a "mainstream" and a "premium".  Notice when the mainstream offer is selected for the two users, the control panel does not require additional purchases.

If the premium offer is selected, a proposal to buy an additional amount of the offer is presented.

Selecting EXPLORE OTHER OPTIONS will display all options that include the selected premium offer.

then finish the transaction by selecting a proper option and clicking BUY.

Reseller Impact: DIRECT

3.5 Optimized Processing for Customers with Many Subscriptions


For customers with a large number of subscriptions, the NextCP screens will now load much faster.

Reseller Impact: INDIRECT