ODIN 7.3 Upgrade - Improved Daily Invoicing Mechanism


This document provides the process to Top-Up payments and continue making purchases even though the Reseller has reached their credit limit.

Who gets benefited?


A new feature for the improved daily billing of resellers has been included with Ingram Micro’s version of ODIN 7.3. This feature allows resellers:


  • who are on net terms and
  • who have exhausted their credit limit


  1. providea top-up payment which can be used to pre-pay for additional subscriptions
  2. continuemaking purchases even after their credit limit has been reached


By default, Net Terms resellers are configured to have daily invoicing set for ‘Prepaid purchases only’, which allows this functionality.



To configure the daily invoicing mechanism for a reseller:

Note: You can also configure the daily invoicing mechanism for a reseller via the ResellerDailyInvoicingSet_API method, which was also enhanced.


  1. Log in to the provider control panel. Click on ‘Billing’ from the top right side.

2. The Billing page opens.

3. Click on ‘Resellers’. Choose the necessary reseller from the list and click on the name.

4. The reseller account details opens. Scroll down to the Financial Information section.

5. Click on ‘Edit’ under Financial Information.

  1. The Edit window opens. Click on the dropdown option of ‘Daily Invoicing’.

  2. Set the ‘Daily Invoicing’ field to the necessary value

      • Prepaid purchases only: Odin Automation invoices the reseller only for the orders the reseller pays by a credit card or the orders the reseller's customers place based on delegated service plans. This option is effective only for those orders which are pre-paid by a single payment that fully covers the respective order.
  3. Important: If Prepaid purchases only is selected, the daily invoicing mechanism does not cover orders placed by resellers themselves (that is, direct purchases made by resellers from their providers, where reselling does not occur).

      • All purchases: Odin Automation invoices the reseller for all the reseller's orders and all orders placed by the reseller's customers based on delegated service plans.
      • Disabled: The reseller is not invoiced daily for any such orders.

        8. Click on ‘Save’ to make the changes.