Cloud Store – Our cloud, Your Store  

The Ingram Micro Cloud Store program enables you to rapidly deploy a self-branded ecommerce store to purchase provision and manage cloud solutions, directly to your customers. This customizable Online Store will be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, or as a standalone, enabling you to sell directly to your end customers.

The many possibilities of a Cloud Store:

 Branding Your Cloud Store: Customizable options allow you to select color themes, photos, program with CSS, logos, labels, product descriptions, to match your company brand standards so the customer experience is seamless.

 Create a Product Catalogue: Group services according to your own categorization; you set the prices and apply your specific business logic as needed.

 Offer Promotions: Take advantage of opportunities to upsell and cross-sell with your existing product lines.

 Redirect and Marketing Tactics: Bring customers to your Cloud Store by: Developing a direct marketing campaign, through social media, or banners placement on 3rd party websites. Promote your Cloud Store on your website by offering promotions and bundled packages with existing product lines.

 Language Support: Cloud Store supports 7 languages

 Auto-fill the Shopping Cart: The dynamic shopping cart feature provides a fast and easy shopping and checkout experience.

 Offer Products that Suite Your Customer’s Needs: Choose products from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace as well as your own custom services not on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.