Ingram Micro allows you to begin using your Cloud Store right away and you are completely setup to begin selling and provisioning O365.

Following is a high-level description of what you can do with your Cloud Store and the sequence of steps to follow in order to offer additional services on your Cloud Store.


Ask yourself these questions…

Service Plan Questions:
Do I want to use service plans already offered on Ingram Micro’s CMP or am I offering new services? Should I pool similar services together under a single sales category? Or, place a service and possible add-ons together in a sales category?

Sales Category Questions:
Do I need to create a new sales category? Can I use an existing sales category?

Screens Questions:

How many screens will I need? Screen 1: Sales Categories; Screen 2: Terms and Conditions Screen Screen 3: Checkout Screen.
Screen 1: Sales Categories (services); Screen 2: Sales Categories (Add-ons); Screen 3: Shopping Cart review; Screen 3: CHECKOUT

Purchase Scenario Questions:

What would be the best shopping experience for my end-customer? Should I let my end-customers review their shopping cart before checkout? Should terms and conditions be accepted before introducing the add-ons and after selecting add-ons the terms and conditions for those services display, etc.

Once you have the answers to all of these questions, you are ready to bring your sales plans to your Cloud Store. Follow these steps (key words are linked to articles that will help you understand and perform the required steps within the Reseller Control Panel (RCP)).

Step 1: Enable SKU (required only if you want to add services to the Cloud Store that are not on Ingram Micro’s CMP)

Step 2: Add/create sales category (you only have to create sales category if it is not already available on Ingram Micro’s CMP)

Step 3: Add/create new service plans (you only have to create service plans if you want to add services to the Cloud Store that are not on Ingram Micro’s CMP)

Step 4: Add service plan(s) to sales category

Step 5: Create screen(s) that will walk an end-customer from service selection > to possible add-ons > shopping cart review > agree to terms and conditions > payment details > checkout

Step 6: Add sales category(s) to screen(s)

Step 7: Create purchase scenario by ordering screens

Step 8: Create and apply tax rules applicable to your region

Step 9 (optional): Create and maintain backups of your Cloud Store

Step 10 (optional): Customize your Cloud Store

For detailed description on how to use or configure each of these components of your Cloud Store please refer to the Cloud Store_User Manual (available for download as a PDF).