This 'Table of Contents' lists all topics that show you how to create and customize your Cloud Store. It is designed so you can easily locate specific topics including developing the look and feel of your Cloud Store, assigning services plans, managing taxation and the creation of sales categories.

The 'Cloud Store User Manual' and the 'Cloud Store - Quickstart Guide' are available for download at the bottom of this page.




Sales Categories: A logical grouping of services to make shopping an easier experience for your end-customers.


Sales Category - Introduction



How to: Create a New Sales Category



How to: Add a Service to a Category



How to: Add or Change Sales Category’s Icon



How to: Remove a Sale Category’s Icon



Service Plans: The different services that are offered on your Cloud Store.


Service Plans – Introduction


How to: Modify Titles of Service Plans


How to: Modify Service Plan Description


How to: Modify Subscription Period


How to: Set Pricing for Individual Plans and Resources


How to: Create and Apply Promotional Discounts to Service Plans


How to: Attach Customized Terms & Conditions to a Service Plan

Screens: The steps your end customer follows on the Cloud Store is determined by various screens on the online store (e.g. from selecting service plan to choosing add-ons to finally checkout).


Creating Screens - Introduction


How to: Auto-generate a Basic Screen Template


How to: Create Your Own Screen off Screen Templates


How to: Add One or More Sales Categories to a Screen

Purchase Scenarios: This is the term used on the Cloud Store to describe a sequence of screens that an end customer will navigate in order to buy a service plan.


Purchase Scenario - Introduction


How to: Create a Custom Purchase Scenario


How to: Modify an Existing Purchase Scenario:


          How to: Re-order Screens in a Purchase Scenario


       How to: Add Existing Screens to a Purchase Scenario


       How to: Delete a Screen from a Purchase Scenario


       How to: Change the Icon for a Purchase Scenario


How to: Delete a Purchase Scenario


Parameters:  The smallest configurable components of the Cloud Store providing you with a powerful tool for customization. Parameters available include: screens, purchase scenarios and the Cloud Store


Parameters – Introduction


How to: Modify Parameters for a Screen


How to: Add Parameters to a Purchase Scenario


How to: Modify Parameters Assigned to a Purchase Scenario


How to: Modify General Parameters


How to: Enable/Disable Showing SKUs

Customizing & Branding Your Cloud Store: This section outlines how to brand your Cloud Store and customize language so it merges cohesively with an existing website which increases brand recognition and makes a better user experience for the end customer.


Customizing & Branding Your Cloud Store - Introduction


How to: Create Your Own Products & Services


How to: Change Basic Information


How To: Customize Store Design & Modify Default CSS File


How to: Create a New Word


How to: Set or Modify ‘First Page’ Text


How to: Customize Company Labeling and Wording


How to: Reset Your Cloud Store to its Default Design

Managing Taxation: Series of instructions to create, edit and apply tax rules to all your customers, no matter where they are located.


Introduction - Managing Taxation


How to: View & Edit Tax Rates


How to: Create a New Tax Rule


How to: Assign Tax Zones to Customers


How to: Set VAT for European (EU/Non-EU) Customers

Redirecting:  A configurable method you can use to bring existing and new customers to your Cloud Store.


Redirecting Customer Traffic - Introduction


How to: Use the Redirect Feature


How to: Create a Direct Link


How to: Use the Wizard to Associate the Direct Link with a Purchase Scenario


How to: Configure Redirect Settings

Backups:  A Series of steps to reset your Cloud Store either to undo changes or restore your site in the event of technical failure.


Backups - Introduction


How to: Create a Store Backup


How to: Import Your Store’s Backup Zip File