You can organize services into 'sales categories'. This logical grouping of services makes shopping an enjoyable and user-friendly experience for your Customers.

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP). Switch to Classic Panel.

2) Select Billing () from the top right corner

3) Select Products > Service Plans

4) The ‘Service Plans’ page opens

5) Select the ‘Sales Categories’ tab

6) If there are any existing sale categories, they will be listed in a table under ‘Sales Categories’ page

7) Select the Add New Sales Category button

8) The ‘Sales Category. Add’ page opens

9) Enter all required fields (indicated by the *), other fields are not required but important for making your Customers’ shopping experience better

Following table explains each field and the kind of information required:

Label No.





Category Name

·   Provide a name descriptive of this category

·   Displays prominently over the frame



·   Enter free-form short description

·   Displays when the category is collapsed

·   Accepts HTML formatting for better presentation


Long Description

·   Long description appears in a pop-up window when the ‘?’ icon is pressed

·   Accepts HTML formatting for better presentation


Expand By Default

•   Displays sales category in expanded format by default


Show in Customer Control Panel

•   Check or uncheck this option to show or hide the service plans included in the sales category on purchase from Customer Control Panel


Description for Customer Control Panel

•   Description to be displayed in Customer Control Panel on purchasing a service plan from this category


URL of the EULA page

•   Provide URL for EULA (End User License Agreement) page



Select File

•   Assign an icon to represent the category

•   Use the Choose File button to attach the icon file to the category


Once the sales category has been created, you need to assign service plans to the category (refer to 'How to: Add a Service to a Category').