1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP). Switch to Classic Panel.

2) Select Billing () from the top right corner


3) Select Products > Service Plans

4) The ‘Service Plans’ page opens

5) Select the ‘Sales Categories’ tab

6) The ‘Sales Categories’ section of the ‘Service Plans’ page opens

7) The table under ‘Sales Categories’ is a list of all the categories you have created

8) Click on the ‘Category Name’ you want to assign services to

9) The selected category’s page opens

10) Select the ‘Service Plans’ tab

11) The ‘Plans’ section opens with a table listing all available plans

12) Tick the checkbox corresponding to the plan(s) you want to select for this category

13) Click the Add New Plan button

14) The selected plan(s) expand into a list of all services that fall under the selected plan(s)

15) Select the services you want to include in the selected category

16) Click the Add Plan(s) to Category button


17) You will receive a confirmation message letting you know the selected service(s) have been successfully added to the selected category