Note: If you already have an icon associated with this sales category you must remove it first before changing the icon (refer to ‘How to: Remove an Icon’).


1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP). Switch to Classic Panel.

2) Select Billing () from the top right corner


3) Select Products > Service Plans

4) The ‘Service Plans’ page opens

5) Select the ‘Sales Categories’ tab


6) A table listing all the sales categories is displayed

7) Click on a sales category


8) The selected sales category’s page opens


9) On the selected sales category page, click the Load Icon button


10) The selected category page now has Choose File button


11) Click the Choose File button


12) A pop-up browser window opens


13) Select the icon file from your computer


14) Click the Open button


15) The icon’s file name will be added to the sale category’s name


16) Click the Save button


17) The image can be seen on the selected sales category page with a confirmation page