All Ingram Micro Reseller Partners can customize their Control Panel (both UX1 for resellers and UX1 for customers) to fit their unique brand. Branding allows you to provide your customers with a unique experience, complete with access to the control panel through a branded URL a custom logo and a branded user interface. 

To be able to brand your control panel, you will need:

  1. A separate domain (or subdomain): your log-in page to the Control Panel on this address
  2. SSL Certificate: a wildcard or one purchased specifically for this domain (if you need to purchase a new SSL certificate, please refer to: How to Generate a CSR for Purchasing an SSL Certificate)
  3. Logo: use any standard image format such as: .jpeg, .png, etc. The recommended height is 100 px.

Optionally, you can also use your own favicon (size: 16x16) and a custom skin (to get one, contact your IM representative).

The process of getting a branded control panel consists of the following steps:  

  1. Add your externally hosted domain to the system
  2. Create a new brand
  3. Set up DNS records for your domain
  4. Add an SSL certificate to your brand