The first step in setting up your brand is to add your domain (sub-domain) into the system so that it will be available to be used to create a brand. Follow these steps to add a domain.

1)  Log into your control panel. Once logged in you'll need to switch to the Classic Panel. Click on the "Classic Panel" link at the top of the site.


2)  Once you're logged into the Classic Panel click on the "Domains" link on the left-hand side navigation tree. You'll find this link under the Services section.


3)  Then press the "Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere" button.


4)  This step is where you add the sub-domain that you will be using for branding. In our example we want to use as our customized URL for our login page and Customer Control Panel. To accommodate this, we need to enter "" as our Domain. The Hosting type for the domain needs to be set to "External". By default, this is set to "Internal" so ensure to change this setting to "External". After setting your sub-domain and hosting type to External press the "Next" button to continue.


5)  The next step is simply to verify the settings that were selected. Ensure that the spelling of the sub-domain is correct and that the hosting type is "External". Press the "Finish" button to add the domain.


6)  The domain is then added into the system. We'll be able to make use of this on the next step.