Note: To be able to create a brand, you must have an active domain with no brands assigned to it in the system. 

This article assumes that you have already added a domain to the Reseller Control Panel.

1)  While logged into your "Classic Panel" click on the "Settings" link on the left-hand side navigation tree.


2)  Next, click on the "Brands" link under the "Branding" section.


3)  Press the "Add New Brand" button. On the next screen you’ll see your domain name. Press the “Next” button to proceed.



4)  "URL Suffix" by default is set as "cp". This should be removed, and the field should be blank. Press the "Finish" button to create the brand. 


5)  The brand is created. The next several steps will include adding the SSL certificate and doing customizations.



For further instructions, follow the steps at Set up DNS records for your domain.