This document will provide you information about Ingram Micro Reseller Control Panel. 

The Reseller Control Panel is a rich tool to help you to manage your end customers, primarily with account management and billing management.  

How to Access and Setup Reseller Control Panel 

  1. Your control panel is set up automatically when you first log in to the Cloud Marketplace and activate your reseller account. 
  2. After activating your account, you will see the Control Panel link as shown in the screenshot below. Click that link to log in to the Reseller Control Panel through single sign on. 



  1. You will be redirect to New Unified Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Here you will get following options to access the New Control Panel.
    1. Marketplace: Here you can directly place the order for your new/ existing customers and for yourself.
    2. Home: Provides the information about your Reseller Control Panel
    3. Users: Provides list of available users for your Reseller Control Panel. Here you can add, edit and delete a user.
    4. Price Manager: provides an option to manage the margin of the available subscriptions and service plans for your customers.
    5. Settings: Here you can manage the connect product subscriptions.
    6. Customers: You can view the customers’ orders, subscriptions, and customer list. You can add a new customer as well.
  2. Click on Classic Panel to switch to Classic Reseller Control Panel. 


  1. The first time you log in to the Reseller Control Panel, you will see the Setup Wizard. 
  2. There are two interfaces within the Reseller Control Panel: Operations and Billing
  • The Operations interface handles back-end provisioning and is the default view when you log in to the Reseller Control Panel. This option is seldom used by resellers; you will most often click on the Billing button at the top, right-hand side of the page to navigate to the Billing interface. 


  • The Billing interface is where your account and billing management is located, and is where you will do most of your work within the Reseller Control Panel. If you need to return to the Operations interface, click the Operations link at the top right-hand side of the page. 


Billing Interface Menus 




See your end customers’ account information, and access their control panels 


View and manage your end customers’ subscription information 


See all of your customers’ order activity, including sales orders, renewal orders, change orders, etc. 


View orders that are waiting to be provisioned. Does not contain historical orders; if none are waiting for provisioning, you will see no results. 


View all invoices and payments associated with orders. 


Allows you to view and export reports on sales, revenue, customer dynamics, receivable documents, payment transactions, and customers’ subscriptions. 

Service Plans 

View the available service plan templates. These settings should remain unchanged. 


See all new and transferred domains associated with an account. 


View details of SSL certificates purchased by you customers. 


Lists all licenses associated with certain solutions. 

Setup Wizard 

Allows the reseller to set up markup amount (default setting is 25%) 

My Reseller Status 

View your financial summary information. 


Manage end customers’ usernames and view their login history. 


Configure company settings and notification schedules and settings. 


Most resellers find that the most frequently used menus are Customers, Subscriptions and Orders. 


This document has provided introduction about Reseller Control Panel.