You can place the orders on behalf of your customers from Unified Reseller Control Panel. This document will provide you with necessary information about How to Purchase a Subscription from Unified Reseller Control Panel for the Customers.


Follow these instructions to place an order for your end customer through the Reseller Control Panel.

1)    Log into your Reseller Control Panel.


2)    You will see the Marketplace option of the menu. Type in the product or company name you wish to search and select the option.


3)    Select Add To Cart on the service plan you wish to choose. Then click on the cart option when you see mceclip2.png change to  mceclip3.png .


4)    Select the quantity of the service plan and include any add on options you wish before selecting mceclip5.png.


5)    Use the Select Existing Customer option to browse through one of displayed existing customers or use one of the search box options by clicking mceclip7.png. Once found, click on mceclip8.png.


6)    If the Selected Customer Information is correct, select mceclip10.png.


7)    Type in the Microsoft Partner Network Information and then select mceclip12.png.


8)    Fill in the Microsoft CSP Account Information fields before selecting mceclip14.png.


9) The final Place an Order page will allow you to confirm all the order and customer information before selecting mceclip16.png.


10)    You will see the Order Details page with the order number. Make sure to copy and save that in relation to the customer.



 The Sales Order will take up to 24 hours to process. Click on mceclip19.png to follow it.

The subscription will then become active once you see the Sales Order change from mceclip21.pngto mceclip22.png.



This document has provided the information about How to Purchase a Subscription from Unified Reseller Control Panel for the Customers.