You can put the customer’s subscription on hold in the new Unified Reseller Control Panel.

(Note: putting a subscription on hold will only pause the customers’ ability to use the service. However, billing for the solution will continue. This measure is typically used by our partners to get the attention of their customers that have fallen behind on payments.)


  1. Log into your Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Click on Customers


  1. Here you will see the three options in the Customers sections: Subscriptions, Orders and Customers. Subscription is auto selected as the first option in the list.



  1. Select the customer’s subscription you want to put on hold from the list. (Search bar option available for a quick lookup)



  1. Now you will see the selected customer’s subscription details.



  1. Click on the Ellipsis mceclip5.pngthen from the dropdown options select Put on hold from the top right corner.



  1. You will see a lightbox window asking for confirmation. Click on the PUT ON HOLD.



  1. The subscription will change to ADMINISTRATIVE HOLD. From there, the customer won’t be able to use the services of the subscription.


  1. Click on the RELEASE FROM HOLD button to activate the subscription again.


  1. A release confirmation pop up window will appear. To confirm release, click on RELEASE.


  1. Subscription will be changed to ACTIVE.




This document has provided information about how to Put the Customers’ Subscription On Hold from the Unified Reseller Control Panel.