You can now view and manage the customers’ orders right from the Unified Control Panel. It allows you to search and view the orders by:

  • Customer Type
  • Order Type
  • Status Type

mceclip1.png How Do I Get There?

  • Login to your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace


  • Once logged in, click on the CONTROL PANEL.
  • You will be redirected to the Unified Reseller Control Panel.



mceclip5.png How Do I View and Manage the Customers’ Orders?

  1. As you are redirected to the Unified Control Panel. Navigate and select Customers > Orders.


  1. You will see the list of the orders.


  1. Click in the Search box and type the Order number to search the order.


  1. You will receive the result for your search.


  1. Click on the Order to view the details.


  1. You can set the filter to your search results by Customer Type, Order Type and Status.
  2. Click on the CUSTOMER TYPE and:
    • Select the customer type: End Customer, Reseller, Direct Only
    • Click on the Apply button.


  1. It will show the result as per the customer type.


  1. Now click on the ORDER TYPE and:
    • Choose your order type
    • Click on the Apply button.


  1. You will see the list of the orders as per your search criteria.


  1. You can set the Status type as well and search the order.
    • Select Order Type
    • Click on the APPLY button.


  1. You will see the list of the Processing orders.