If you're offering your customers the possibility of managing their own subscriptions through their Customer Control Panel and allowing them to be able to place orders you will likely want to ensure that any pricing they see conforms to the price they should be expecting. Following these steps will help you with this.


1)    Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. Switch to Classic Panel.


2)   Make sure you are in the Billing interface by clicking on the Billing link in the top right-hand menu. If the link says Operations, you are already in the Billing interface.


3) Next, under the Products menu on the left-hand side, click on the Service Plans option.

4) Initially, you will see all of the plans that are delegated to your account. You have the ability to set the pricing for all of them though.

5) If there are certain plans that you want to quickly locate you can always use the search tools. For example,

    1. we'll be taking control of the pricing of the “Exchange Online Kiosk (monthly pre-pad)” plan.
    2. To locate all of these types of plans we'll use the search tool and look for plans with “Exchange Online Kiosk” in their name. 
    3. Next, we'll select the plan that we want to set the price for by clicking on its name.


  6) You will see a notice that the current plan is delegated to us.


This message just means that the current settings and pricing are inherited from the system. All you need to do is take ownership of the plan and then you'll be able to make the changes we need. Click on the "Manage by Myself" button at the bottom of the page to take the ownership.


7) You will receive a warning about this action to alert us that at this point forward we're responsible for the pricing and settings for this plan. Click the "OK" button to acknowledge this change in responsibility.


8) Now you are seeing the list of Exchange Online Kiosk plans again. This time there is an “Operation Successful” notice indicating that we successfully took control of this services plan. Click on the plan name again.


9) This time you do not see the alert about this being a delegated plan. At this point, you have the control to make changes to the prices.


10) There are two places within each service plan that we have the ability to set pricing; both are related to “Resource Rates”. Click on the “Resource Rates” tab to begin.


11) Under the “Resource Rates” tab you will want to press the “Mass Edit” button.


12) Then locate the resources that need a price change. In our case, we want to change the monthly price for each Exchange Online Kiosk license. (Initially, the customer-facing price for these licenses is $2.00)


(We will change that price to $1.95, place a check in the checkbox for this resource, and then press the “Save Changes” button.)


13) The first change is now complete. Next, click on the name of the resource you changed the price for. In our example, that’s the “Exchange Online Kiosk” resource that’s now $1.95.


14) The details for the resource rate are displayed. Switch to the “Resources Rate Periods” tab.


 15) Press the “Mass Edit” button.


16) Change the price to match the price you set in the previous steps. Place a check in the checkbox and press the “Save Changes” button.


17) The pricing for the resource rate period is now updated.


NOTE: This price that we just set ONLY shows up in the Customer Control Panel. It is a customer facing price. This price is not shown in your Reseller Control Panel.


This document has provided information about ‘Setting Pricing for Individual Plans and Resources’ through Classic Reseller Control Panel.