This document will provide you the necessary information about ‘How to Adjust a User’s Customer Control Panel Ordering Privileges.’

  • It is recommended that resellers create a service user for all new customers that grants access to the customer control panel but denies access to the financial or ordering functions.
  • These privileges can also be adjusted at a later time if you realize your customer has unintended access permissions.


Follow the instructions below to restrict an existing Customer Control Panel user’s access.

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. Switch to Classic Panel.


  1. Make sure you are in the Billing interface by clicking Billingat the top, right-hand side of the page. If this link says Operations, then you are already in the Billing interface.


  1. Click on Customers in the left-hand menu.


  1. Select the customer account that contains the user whose access you need to restrict.



  1. Navigate to the Users tab, and then click on the user you wish to change.



  1. Navigate to the Roles tab, and then click Full Access.


  1. Navigate to the Privileges


  1. Place a check mark in CUST_MAKE_PURCHASES and click Detach.


This user will no longer be able to make any purchases through the Customer Control Panel.

If you need to reinstate access to purchasing, follow the same steps, but click on Attach New Privilege. You will find CUST_MAKE_PURCHASES available to add.


This document has provided information about ‘Adjusting a User’s Customer Control Panel Ordering Privileges.’