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  • As an Ingram Micro Cloud Hosted Solutions Reseller, you are responsible for billing your customers for all services purchased.
  • Any orders placed by your end customers, or by you on their behalf, will be charged to the credit card on your file.
  • The Reseller Control Panel can produce reports on your customers’ orders to facilitate billing. Follow the instructions below to retrieve a report on your end customers’ orders.


1)    Log in to the Reseller control panel. Switch to Classic Panel.


2)    Click on the "Billing" link at the top right-hand side of the site to navigate to the Billing interface. If the link says Operations, then you are already in the Billing interface and can skip to the next step.

3)    Click on the "Orders" menu item.

4)    In order to restrict the results that are returned in the report, enter one or more search filters. Then click Export To Excel.

Note that the pricing shown in this report reflects the sales totals including the default markup or custom pricing that you have set rather than the wholesale price charged by Ingram Micro.


This article has provided information about ‘Running Customer Order Reports through Unified Reseller Control Panel.’