This article will provide you the information about ‘How to Submit Subscription Cancellations through the Reseller Control Panel.’


Below you will find step-by-step instructions to submit a subscription cancellation for your end customer through the Reseller Control Panel.

Note: If you have given your customer full Customer Control Panel access, they can submit cancellations there by following the instructions in this article.

1) Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.


2) Click on Customers options of the menu.


3) Click on the Subscriptions option under the Customers tab


4) Type in the Customer ID or subscription number you want to cancel and then click on the subscription


5) Click on the mceclip4.png box and then on the dropdown option Cancel Subscription.


6) Fill in the Cancellation Options and enter a comment. Click Confirm to continue.



7) You’ll see this window showing a subscription cancellation order is being processed. Copy the cancellation order number.


8) One of our Local Sales Representatives will contact you within one Business Day except on Holidays/ Weekends in order to approve your cancellation request.


This article has provided information about ‘Submitting subscription Cancellations through the Control Panel.’