If a Customer has an order that stuck in ‘Waiting for Payment’ or ‘No Payment Method Attached’ status, check if the concerned Customer has any open invoices against their records on the Reseller Control Panel (RCP). 

1) On the ‘Customers’ page, select the customer by click on the name

2) The Customer’s Account page opens

Fig. 1

3) Select ‘Documents’ tab

Fig. 2

4) The Customer’s account with Documents table opens

Fig. 3

5) Click the Add New Payment button

Fig. 4

6) The Customer’s account page with a payment method form opens

Fig. 5

7) Click the search (  ) button

8) The Payment Methods screen pops open

Fig. 6

9) Select the ‘External Payments Collection’ payment system

10) Click the Next>> button

Fig. 7

11) The ‘Add New Payment. Step 2/3.’ page opens

Fig. 8

12) Tick the checkbox at the top of the table so that all documents listed under ‘Unprocessed Orders’ will be selected

Fig. 9

13) Click the Next >> button

14) The ‘Add New Payment. Step 3/3.’ page opens, where the total is automatically calculated and displayed in the ‘Total’ field

Fig. 10

15) Click the Finish button

16) The Customer’s Account page ‘Documents’ table gets updated with the payment which is on ‘Hold’ status

Fig. 11

17) The payment will have a ‘Hold’ status

18) To release the payment, select the payment in the documents table

Fig. 12

19) The ‘Payment <details>’ page opens

Fig. 13


20) Click on the Charge Credit Card button

Fig. 14

This will automatically clear all open invoices and the ‘Processing Status’ updates to ‘Money Captured’

Fig. 15

The created payment will be automatically applied to all open invoices and unprocessed orders for this Customer.