This article is provided information about ‘How to Make External Payment Collection’ through Classic Reseller Control Panel.

  • As service providers, we are not involved in customers' billing processes.
  • All the customers’ accounts must be setup to auto payments by 'External Payment Collection' assuming that you, as a reseller, collect customers' payments externally.


For Customers whose orders' status is ‘Waiting for Payment’, follow these steps:

  1. Make ‘External Payment Collection’ Default and
  2. Create Payment for Open Invoices (refer to How to: Create Payment for Open Invoices)


How to: Make ‘External Payment Collection’ the Default for Customers


1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP) and switch to Classic Panel.



2) Select Billing () from the top right corner


Fig. 1


3) From the menu on the left, select Operations > Customers

Fig. 2


4) The ‘Customers’ page opens

Fig. 3


5) Click on the Customer’s ‘Account Name’

Fig. 4


6) The Customer’s account page opens

Fig. 5


7) Click on ‘Payment Methods’ tab

Fig. 6


8) The Customer’s ‘Account <number and name>’ page opens

Fig. 7


9) Select the ‘External Payment Collection’ option by clicking on its corresponding radio button

Fig. 8

10) Click the Mark as Default button

Fig. 9

‘External Payment Collection’ is now the default payment method for this Customer. Next you need to create a payment for all open invoices with this Customer (refer to How to: Create Payment for Open Invoices). Once these two steps are completed, all subscriptions with the status ‘Waiting for Payment’ will be automatically pushed to ‘provisioning’.



This article has provided information about ‘How to Make External Payment Collection through Classic Reseller Control Panel.’