This article will provide you with necessary information about ‘How to Setup a Renew Subscription Notification’ through Unified Reseller Control Panel.

  • You can setup different kinds of notifications that are automatically sent out to customers, when certain events occur.
  • Examples of such events: the purchasing of a subscription; approaching expiration date, etc.


1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel and switch to Classic Panel.

Fig. 1


2) Select ‘Billing’

Fig. 2


3) Select System > Settings

Fig. 3


4) The ‘Settings’ page opens

Fig. 4


5) Select ‘System’ > ‘Notifications’

Fig. 5


6) The ‘Notifications’ page opens

Fig. 6


7) Select ‘Schedules’ > ‘Subscription Expiration’

Fig. 7


8) The ‘Subscription Expiration’ page opens

Fig. 8


9) Click on ‘Subscription Expiration’

Fig. 9


10) The ‘Subscription Expiration Schedule Subscription Expiration’ page opens

Fig. 10


11) Select the ‘Schedule Details’ tab

Fig. 11


12) The ‘Subscription Expiration Schedule Subscription Expiration’ table opens, all existing notifications (if any) are listed in the table

Fig. 12


13) Click on the Add New Schedule Detail button

Fig. 13


14) Setup page opens

Fig. 14


15) Enter the required fields (indicated by *)

The following table describes all the fields in the setup page.

Fig. 15

1. Send Time: Select between ‘Before Expiration’ or ‘After Expiration’

2. Days: Enter the number of days before (or after, depending on your selection for ‘Send Time’)

3. Notification Template: Click on the select icon (), a pop-up opens listing all the available templates, you can scroll down and select ‘Subscription Renewal Notice – AutoRenew’.

4. Send Condition: Under ‘Send Condition’ you can select between:

·         Always: The renewal notification will always be sent to your customers

·         Renewal Order is not placed: system checks whether the customer has already renewed the subscription or not and sends the notification only if a renewal order has not been placed for a subscription.

·         Customer’s Account is active: as long as the customer’s account is active, this renewal notification will be sent to your customers.

5. Applicable To: Under ‘Applicable To’ select between: ‘All subscriptions’, ‘Auto-renewing Subscriptions’ or ‘Not Auto-renewing Subscriptions’.

6. Active: Check ‘Active’ to enable this notification.


16) Click the Save button

Fig. 16


Repeat steps 13 – 16 in order to setup multiple renewal notifications such as, renewal imminent in 5 days, 10 days and even 30 days prior to expiration date.


This article has provided information about ‘How to Setup a Renew Subscription Notification’ through Unified Reseller Control Panel.