This article will provide you information about how to Setup Scheduled Expiration Notification for Subscription through Unified Reseller Control Panel.

  • You can setup prompt and periodic reminders, to be sent automatically to customers, notifying them about fast approaching expiry dates for specific subscriptions.
  • An example of a scheduled expiration notification: “Your O365 subscription will expire in 10 days.”
  • Then you may wish to send another reminder after a week that states, “Your O365 subscription will expire in 3 days.”


There are 3 steps involved in completing the setup of scheduled expiration notification. You are reading:

 Step 1: Create a Notification Schedule

The first step is to give a notification schedule a name.

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP) and switch to Classic Panel.

 Fig. 1


2) Select ‘Billing’ from the top menu

Fig. 2

3) Select System > Settings > Notifications

Fig. 3


4) On the ‘Notifications’ page, select Subscription Expiration

Fig. 4


5) On the ‘Subscription Expiration’ page, click Add New Subscription Expiration Schedule button

Fig. 5


6) On the ‘Subscription Expiration Schedule. Add’ page, enter a unique name in the ‘Schedule Name’ field

Fig. 6


7) Click the Save button to finish creating the notification schedule

Fig. 7


Now you can configure your notification schedule (refer to ‘Step 2: Configure a Notification Schedule’).