This article will provide you information about ‘How to Setup Scheduled Expiration Notifications for Subscriptions’ through Classic Reseller Control Panel.

  • You can setup prompt and periodic reminders, to be sent automatically to customers, notifying them about fast approaching expiry dates for specific subscriptions.
  • An example of a scheduled expiration notification: “Your O365 subscription will expire in 10 days.”
  • Then you may wish to send another reminder after a week that states, “Your O365 subscription will expire in 3 days.”


There are 3 steps involved in completing the setup of scheduled expiration notification. You are reading:

Step 1: Create a notification schedule

Step 2: Configure the notification schedule

Step 3: Assign the notification schedule to a service plan


Step 2: Configure the Notification Schedule

Once you have created a notification schedule, you can let Reseller Control Panel know when to send specific messages.

1) Log in to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

Fig. 1


2) Select ‘Billing’ from the top menu

Fig. 2


3) Select System > Settings > Notifications

Fig. 3


4) On the ‘Notifications’ page, select Subscription Expiration

Fig. 4


5) On the ‘Schedule Expiration’ page, select a notification schedule by clicking on it under the ‘Schedule Name’ column

Fig. 5


6) The properties of the selected schedule are displayed

Fig. 6


7) Select the ‘Schedule Details’ tab

Fig. 7


8) A table lists any existing schedule details

Fig. 8


9) Click the Add New Schedule Detail button

Fig. 9


10) The ‘Subscription Expiration Schedule Subscription Expiration’ form opens

Fig. 10


11) Enter the mandatory fields (indicated by the *)


The following table explains the different attributes that can be configured such as, whether you want the notification sent before or after the expiration date; how many days before/after the expiration date, etc.





Fig. 11


Send Time

Click the radio button () to select between ‘Before Expiration’ and ‘After Expiration’



Enter a number in the field to indicate the number of days before or after the subscription’s expiration date


Notification Template

Clicking the () button opens a pop-up window that lists all the available notification templates

 Select one of the notification templates by clicking on the ‘Template Name’

Note: Only subscription notification templates are listed.

Fig. 12



Send Condition

Click on the () button and select between:

i) ‘Always’: the notification will always go out N days before/after the expiration date

ii) ‘Renewal Order is Not Placed’: notification goes out only if a renewal order has not been placed

iii) ‘Customer’s Account is active’: notification goes only to customers whose accounts are active

Fig. 13



Applicable To

Click on the () button and select whether you want this schedule applied to ‘All Subscriptions’; ‘Auto-Renewing Subscriptions’ or ‘Not Auto-Renewing Subscriptions’ (i.e. subscriptions that need to be manually renewed)

Fig. 14




Tick the checkbox to enable this notification schedule

Fig. 15


12) When you have finished filling out the form, click the Save button


Fig. 16

Note: Each schedule detail represents a single message. If you need several notifications to be sent for the same subscription, repeat the schedule detail addition steps until all the necessary message templates are added.

Now you can configure your notification schedule (refer to ‘Step 3: Assign Notification Schedule to a Service Plan’).