This article will provide you with necessary information about ‘How to Include Additional Recipient(s) for Notifications’ from Unified Reseller Control Panel.

Notifications alert Customers about events, such as:

  • Changes in account status
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Resource usage
  • Upcoming renewals, etc.

By default, each notification that you have setup automatically goes to your Customers. If required, you can configure a notification to include additional recipients by adding email addresses in the ‘BCC’ field of a notification’s information page.


Steps are detailed below:

1)     Log in to your Reseller Control Panel and switch to Classic Panel.



2)     Select ‘Billing’ from the top right corner


3)     From the options on the left, select System > Settings


4)     On the ‘Settings’ page, select System > Notifications



5)     On the ‘Notifications’ page, select Notifications > Notification Templates



6)     On the ‘Notification Templates’ page, select the notification you want to include additional recipients for



7)     The notification’s information page opens


8)     Click the Edit button

9)     Under ‘BCC Address’ include the additional recipient’(s)’ email address(es)

Note: For multiple recipients, separate each email address with a semi-colon.

10)  Click the Save button

11)  Repeat these steps for all notifications you want to add recipients for.

To learn how to customize notifications with your own logos, content, etc. refer to ’Customizing Your Notification Email Templates’.


This article has provided information about ‘How to Include Additional Recipient(s) for Notifications’ through Unified Reseller Control Panel.