The Cloud Orchestrator tile is another feature that some of our Reseller Partners choose to hide from their customers’ control panel.


The tile can be hidden by following the steps outlined below.

mceclip2.png Process

  1. While logged into the Classic Panel click on the "Settings" link on the navigation menu.


  1. Next, click on the “UX1 Navigation”


  1. Use the search tool to locate the “” UI control. 


  1. There are many UI controls associated with Cloud Orchestrator but you only need to deal with one of them. Check the checkbox for the “” UI control and press the “Hide” button. This UI control is the root control. That means the other controls will be hidden when you hide the root control.


  1. All the Cloud Orchestrator UI controls are now hidden.


  1. The Cloud Orchestrator tile is also no longer visible in customer control panels.