Resellers can configure their own service plans from the Classic Control Panel according to the Vendor upgrade policy. Customers will see the upgrade scenario according to the configuration.

mceclip2.pngHow Do I Reach There?

  • Login to your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace
  • Once logged in, click on the CONTROL PANEL.


  • You will be redirected to the Unified Reseller Control Panel.


  • Click on the Classic Panel at the top right corner


mceclip0.png How Do I Configure the Service Plan?

  1. Once you reached to the Classic Panel. Click on the Billing at the top right corner.


  1. Now click on the Service Plans under the Products at the left side menu.


  1. Select the Service Plan you want to configure Subscription Start date per Upgrade Path.


NOTE: Subscription should be Managed Myself enabled. Please click here to know more.

  1. Here you will see the General Information about the subscription. Click on the Upgrade


  1. Now click on the Add New Allowed Upgrade/ Downgrade button, if not added previously. Else jump to the step 7.


  1. Now,
    1. Search the Service Plan,
    2. Select the plan by checking the box and
    3. Click on the Add Selected Plan(s).


  1. Now click on the Service Plan Name to Configure.


  1. Now click on the Edit button.


  1. Here you will get the option to edit the service plan information. You can set:
    1. Upgrade Plan Fee
    2. Description of Switch Plan Fee
    3. SKU (Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon to select the SKU.).

Click on the Save button, once done.


  1. Your Service Plan Configuration will be updated.